What is required in a basketball shoe

The Basics

A basketball shoe is the most important piece of equipment one wears while playing basketball. It impacts the athletic performance, health and even confidence of a player. We have written this guide so parents know what to look for in a quality basketball shoe.

Performance versus Fashion

It's important to be aware that many basketball shoes function more as a fashion items than a shoe that will give the best on-court performance. For example many shoes will use a clear sole that while fashionable, will struggle to provide sufficient court tread and results in players losing the ball due to traveling violations when their pivot foot slips. Often a rubber sole as pictured below provides the best traction when use with a effective traction pattern.

Performance requirements

These are the main areas one should look for when gaining the best performance:

- Traction

- Support


- Durability

For Traction you want a shoe with a pattern that will grip the court without picking up dust, or be easy to clean with a swipe of the hand. The traction should work with the shoe design to match the arch of your foot.

Support to bear the weight and activity of a athlete while using the shoe. A heel area that is stable and locks in your heal, a midfoot that gives a little flexibility, and a toe box that gives good range of motion for natural movement.

As a wide footer myself, comfort is vitally important. I personally go half a size up to allow for my wide foot in many models. With mesh and flyknit uppers in many shoes that conform to feet, a shoe that is snug is preferable but not to the point that it is hard to get in and out of. Laces to allow for tightness to be adjusted, and most important the cushion system found within a shoe.

Durability taking into account intended use of the shoe. For outdoor shoes a very durable sneaker is required. Often fashionable shoes have materials that may not be durable, and also cheaper shoes also will cost more in the long run. 

What shoes we stock

For our customers, we only stock shoes that we think perform outstanding in all of the above categories, and represent the best value for money in the Australian basketball market. That currently is the Delly 1 basketball shoe, the signature basketball shoe of NBA player Matthew Dellavedova. Like Delly, the Delly 1 is reliable and out-performs the expectations of many.

Our shoe range will continue to expand in future. To purchase the Delly 1 or view our full range please click here.

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